What kind of car decoration can bring you good luck

What kind of car decoration can bring you good luck

1. Peach wood hangings protect against disasters

Peach wood hanging ornaments are a relatively common protective ornament. Many people also like to place a peach wood sword at home or wear peach wood ornaments with them. This can have the effect of exorcising evil spirits and reducing disasters, and can also bring peace to the owner.

Hanging peach wood pendants in the car can prevent accidental traffic accidents. There are many kinds of peach wood pendants. You can choose the ones that match your five elements to hang in the car.

2. Pixiu ornaments can help luck

Pixiu is a very popular mascot for attracting wealth. It can not only attract wealth, but also resolve some bad Feng Shui auras. It can also help improve fortune, make fortune better, and resist various disasters.

Hanging Pixiu ornaments in the car can not only protect your travel safety, but also help make money and make your career smooth. People who are starting a business often hang Pixiu ornaments in their cars, so that they will suffer less setbacks and everything will go smoothly.

3. Gourd hanging ornaments resolve evil spirits

The gourd is an important item for dispelling evil spirits. The homophone of the gourd is "Fu Lu", which has an auspicious meaning. If the car owner often travels on business or drives a long-distance bus, he can hang a gourd in the car to ensure his own safety and safety. Safety.

Most people hang gourd ornaments in their cars, which can ward off various disasters and resolve evil spirits. Even if the driver is unlucky, it can protect his safety and health and prevent villains' schemes and various accidents.